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I wanted to create a sample project to show you who you can create a custom SharePoint 2010 Ribbon tab at runtime! – Especially: How to active the custom ribbon tab on “page loaded” (no need to click it!) So this article is an addition to my explanations in my blog article “How To Activate SharePoint Ribbon Tab by JavaScript Code” ().

You are invited to download / update / improve the project! – I’d like to insert more samples in the project about how to deploy Ribbon customizations. In the sample I created a ribbon in a custom list view web page. (You’ll see in the code).

To use the project you need a SharePoint web application named “http://sharepoint.local” and a site collection named “ribbon”.

Deploy the project and open the SharePoint site and it’s list in your browser. You'll see the custom ribbon tab. 

This tab is actived automatically on page load!!!

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